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Kevin CAO, CEO of Changhong France
Challenger in Europe, but giant EGP in China

The launch of Red Dot TV Changhong brand will set a stable brand strategy in France and in Europe. M.Kevin Cao, CEO of Changhong France, explains their industrial and commercial strategy of the French subsidiary that he manages.

Changhong brand is still little known in France, could you tell us something about her activities and its importance in China and the world?

Kevin Cao: Changhong is a Chinese group, and headquarters is located in the province Sichuan. The company was founded in 1958. After 55 years we have become a giant of electronics market in China. On the TV market, about two-thirds of Chinese are equipped with Changhong TV. Our company annually produces 16 million televisions every year. The group also presents in household appliances (refrigerators, freezers), air conditioning, smartphones or computing devices and accessories for the EGP. Changhong employs 400 engineers in R & D and design, and we have three factories manufacturing LCD panel in Chine. We are one of the top five manufacturers of plasma in the world, and plasma is an alternative to produce larger sizes screens at low prices. Our company provides batteries for the general public and batteries for the aviation in the energy field. We have established in Guangdong a dedicated seat for export and international trade. In 2003, our brand also presents in North America, South America, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Russia and Europe.

What is your location in Europe?

Kevin Cao: For over 10 years we have OEM business in Europe and want to strengthen and develop our brand Changhong. The European market represents an opportunity through the disappearance of European manufacturers. We created our European subsidiary in 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic. One factory of production of televisions was opened in 2006 in Nymburk who if 50km from Prague. We produce 1 million televisions per year. In the end of 2013 we will double the production capacity. Our European headquarters and the Czech plant employed 130 people. We have opened sales offices in Europe: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and France.

What is your organization in France?

Kevin Cao: We are launching our new range of televisions, the Red Dot series or B4500. It consists of four screen sizes: 32, 39, 42 and 55 inches. This is our standard for new markets because we a
re the leading challenger in China and a challenger in Europe. These TVs will help us enhance our image. They marry the design codes and specifications through using models and upscale. They include 3D and Smart TV with all the desired applications (Facebook, tweeter etc.). They have a Duplex remote control, one side has a qwerty keyboard. The logo of Changhong is offset to the left on the bottom edge of the screen, like a designer to illustrate our desire to create more than a brand. The Red Dot series is our main force in terms of image and democratization of high technology products without denying the quality and design. In our catalog we also have a series of more conventional products, it is the C2000, ranges with trendy designs, edges, and an adjustable foot. We have also equipped our models with the label Smart with many technologies to reduce energy consumption, and one of these applications of Changhong’s patent is used to save battery in aeronautics.

What are the reasons for your presence in MedPi?

Kevin Cao: It is an event that Changhong can’t miss, a platform for communication, a unique venue for meetings selective between occupationals. It’s also the opportunity to communicate through the media, to present our products and preview our sales for the end of year. Changhong is a famous brand with high potential and growing in France and Europe. The MedPi is a place where we can meet distributors who want to establish a stable relationship with our group.