Global Activities

At IFA 2015, Changhong made acquaintance by tea and combined Chinese tea culture with Changhong’s booth and products to deliver Changhong’s hospitality, letting clients enjoying comfortable business discussion atmosphere. In the booth guests from all over the world appreciated Changhong’s latest technology and products, tasted Chinese tea, enjoyed tea art performance and participated tea set live lucky draw and other activities.

At CES 2015, in order to accelerate the development of North America and global market, Changhong enlarged the exhibition area and became one of the enterprises with the largest booth area in China’s household appliances brand, which manifested Changhong’s determination of accelerating international development. With strong Chinese style the booth showed visitors a beautiful feast of visual culture by combining the traditional culture fashion show “The Forbidden City” with 4K TV products. 

At IFA 2014,
Changhong claimed the brand proposition “Make your imagination fly”to the world for the first time and made a wish and pray that best wishes and imagination can be fulfilled together with global audience in the traditional activity “Fly KongmingLight, Write Wish Card”. There were thousands of visitors participating Changhong’s brand activity. While experiencing Changhong’s all kinds of advanced technologies and products visitors deeply admired the subtlety of brand and culture combination. Wish card acting as the bridge shortened the distance between customers and brand. 

Changhong’s large-scale outdoor advertisement boardhas appeared beside Paris inner ring highway since mid-2015 and will last to 2017. This will greatly enhance Changhong brand exposure, promote brand image and demonstrate Changhong’s development determination in France to local channel partners and customers.

In Australia, Changhong cooperates with national chain channels, sponsor Parramatta Eels rugby club which is deeply loved by local customers, launches new products periodically, advertises on bus, etc. to promote market construction. Brand popularity is raised continuously

In May 2014, Changhong started to advertise in Djakarta international airport and the advertisement will last to 2017. In Djakarta international airport Changhong puts advertisement at departure, arrival and baggage claim area, which enhances Changhong brand exposure and promote Changhong brand image greatly.


 On May 21, 2014, Changhonglaunched new TV in Djakarta and it is the first time to launch Curved TV abroad. With Android systemthis UHD product supports application programs up to hundreds of thousands and has kinds of intelligent functions, which manifests Changhong’s technical strength and innovation commitment and shows the attitude of trying to continue to provide customers better services and more convenient life.

Changhong is honored with the most favorite brand in Indonesia for years.  

In 2015, Changhong sponsored customer-favorite PBA basketball chain site advertising in Philippines and there were totally more than 200 basketball games in all seasons throughout the year. Changhong brand appeared before mass customers through live broadcast and itspopularity and reputation were greatly promoted in Philippines. 


In 2015, Changhong consecutively carried out a plenty of terminal tour and dealer training in Pakistan. Supported by sales promotion and training system, the sales of Changhong in Pakistan was improved steadily.